Launching a website and watching it grow is one of the most satisfying moments in a person’s life. To avoid the site from stagnation, one should ensure that the right upgrades and campaigns are carried out. However, if a website is using shared hosting solutions, it may be challenging to keep up with the demands that come with such upgrades. To ensure growth, one should consider switching to a virtual private server (VPS) hosting solutions.

What is VPS Hosting?

A VPS server is one of the numerous virtual servers created in a single physical server. VPS hosting is more like shared hosting, as one is hosted on one server as others. However, one has access to more resources when using VPS hosting on shared hosting.

For those new to the concept of VPS hosting, below is a list of benefits of using HostingRaja VPS Hosting for your growing website.

1. VPS Hosting is Cost-Effective

For growing businesses, the cost is one of the major things one must consider when making a decision. Using a VPS hosting server provides a midway between the other hosting solutions, given that dedicated hosting is usually expensive, while shared hosting is inefficient. Using shared hosting costs the business revenue due to challenges in website performance. Equally, using dedicated hosting will be costly for growing businesses depleting the available resources even further. Thus, VPS represents the best solution for growing businesses.

2. Good Security

When using a shared hosting solution, the security of a website is not guaranteed. However, using a VPS hosting solution guarantees security as every website is hosted on its virtual server negating chances of external interference. Additionally, VPS hosting usually has a dedicated IP address reducing any chance of your website being confused for others as well as email marketing and offering secure e-commerce payments.

3. It provides Complete Control

When it comes to running a business, having control over the computing environment is vital. Using this hosting gives you the much-needed control in that it allows you to install any applications provided they are compatible with the operating system. Additionally, using a VPS will enable one to configure their server to suit their business needs.

4. Scalability

VPS is pretty flexible in that it can be scaled either up or down to suit your business needs. This means that one can start small and ask for more resources depending on the growth of their business. Given that most growing websites operate on a budget, using VPS would be the best hosting solution for them to utilize.

5. Reliability

In spite of a VPS sharing a host, it is superior to a shared hosting in that it works independently. One of the biggest shortcomings of using shared hosting is that the activities of other websites can affect the response time of your business. Nonetheless, when using a VPS, the chances of such interference occurring are minimal as one has resources dedicated solely to their website. Such resources ensure your website does not experience downtime.

6. Access to the Best Hardware

Growing businesses require to operate optimally; thus, they need to make use of the best hardware available. This is to ensure the response time is fast and that applications installed are running flawlessly. Managed VPS hosts offer an array of services to their clients, which include but not limited to software and hardware maintenance.

VPS hosting is a must-have for business owners who value flexibility, performance, and reliability at an affordable price. It is superior to shared web hosting due to storage, memory, and the processing power available. For a business operating in India, there are several VPS server India one can use.

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