Retail cannabis is not just like any other business. It is not an area you will wake one morning and venture into it. You should know what you’re doing and while any other business requires a level of professionalism, the retail cannabis business is a unique area and the laws governing the use of cannabis varies across states, counties, and cities.

The legal marijuana sector is growing with time as states continue to legalize the recreational use and sales of marijuana. So far, over 38 states have legalized the recreational use and sales of marijuana creating great investment opportunities. You also can be able to grow with the sector if you venture into the business. California is the latest state that legalized marijuana making it the biggest regulated cannabis market in the whole world. While this is a lucrative for anyone looking to start a business in this area, you must adhere to strict regulations keeping in mind the fact that cannabis is not yet legal in the federal level. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re ready to mint dollars from these green plants.

Complex and Varying Laws And Regulations

While many states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the laws and regulations vary from state to state. Some states are unleashing many licenses to sellers without many restrictions. Other states are very strict and have many requirements that need to be met to qualify for a license including proof a large sum of money as capital and not having any criminal record.

You should start with learning the laws governing cannabis business in your state, county and city to determine whether you qualify to start the business and the next steps to take. You could even join cannabis industry or other groups. You can also seek the services of companies such as to give you the legal and business advisory services to start you off. You should also keep in mind the fact that the federal government has not legalized the sale or use of cannabis.

Finding Your Niche

Just like in any other business, you will need to find a niche that will set your business apart and have a competitive edge. Laws and regulations can also limit what you can do or not do with your niche. You can decide to get into cultivation, retail sales, marijuana-infused product manufacturing or ancillary business niches.

Choosing A Business Type

When it comes to starting a business, questions about the ownership of the business arises. Will you own the business wholly or partner with someone? How about forming a separate entity such as a corporation? The issues to be considered when deciding what business type to choose include taxation, liability, control, as well as raising capital. However, since you’re venturing into cannabis business, some states will require you to start a nonprofit.

Choosing A Name

Your business name will reflect your brand, what you provide as well as what sides you apart from many others in the business. You will want to think about if the name represents what the company is about, or if it is timeless.
Keep in mind the fact that the industry still faces stigma. Some entrepreneurs in the sector expressed their concerns about the stigma associated with being in the cannabis business.

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