There are a variety of magnets that are used widely around us. They are nearly everywhere. Since the very beginning, people have used magnets very commonly. It could be as simple as a navigation task or maybe as complex as a piece of full intact machinery. As a whole, magnets are all over in our daily use. Magnet manufacturer today seeks for everything and every opportunity where its usage can enhance a little ease. Among all the major types, those that are daily used in our life includes the following masked as something beneficial for day to day task.

  1. Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets are further divided as:

  • Ndfeb

They have low mechanical strength, a kind of brittle and have a low resistance to corrosion if left uncoated. When they are treated with gold, iron, or nickel plating, they can be used in several applications. They have strong strength and very hard to demagnetize.

  • SmCo

These magnets are very strong and not easily demagnetize. They are a little expensive and offer low-mechanical power.

  • Alnico

The main ingredients in this magnet are aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. They can easily be demagnetized whereas they can be replaced by ceramic and few rare earth elements as well in certain uses.

  1. Temporary Magnets

This type of magnets can vary in combinations because they are any material that tends to behave like a permanent magnet whenever present in the magnetic field. Paper clips often work as temporary magnets.

  1. Electromagnets

Electromagnets are developed by wrapping wire into different loops around a centralized material. To magnetize, an electrical current is passed in it to develop a magnetic field.


Magnets have a wide range of uses and applications, in industry, they are used in sweeping devices, in manufacturing processes and even in recycling. In our daily life, we use all three types of magnets such as electromagnets are used within televisions, computers, and telephones because they offer extreme strength. This is the reason why they are used in those applications that can be turned on and off like cranes or heavy weight lifting procedures.

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