So, who is your choice market as a business? Is it individual people or other businesses themselves? If you find yourself troubled answering that question immediately, then a lack of true focus may be corrupting your potential of success. Let us dwell for a moment and start comparing major ecommerce business models, so we can try to see which is the best type of model for the business of your own. Being a business, you have three different normal selling models that are available to pick between. They are all centered around the consumer that you are trying to go after. The three different models are business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-other-business (B2B), and also business-to-government or organization (B2G). Many individuals that are familiar with the concepts will put business-to-other-business and business-to-government together, calling them both business-to-other-business.

So, in all reality, you have two choices which ends up being between business-to-consumer and business-to-other-kinds-of-businesses, so which do you choose? Selling to individual different people or selling off to other kinds of businesses? Another question that may arise in your mind is “Am I 100% required to choose one or the other? I’m sure I can sell to both… this business model can’t tell me what to do completely…”, and the fact is, is that you’re right! You are able to sell to both the individual people and also to the other kinds of businesses out there, as a far-out plan anyway. You may want to consider earlier in the jump start of your venture to have really one kind of focus, so you are able to get a good handle on selling to one type and after a while when you start to get more comfortable you can go ahead and start attempting to sell to other kinds of groups, such as other individuals, other kinds of businesses, larger more secured organizations, and maybe even some form of governmental agencies or organizations. This way you will not be hassled with attempting to handle two or more different kinds of models when you don’t have a whole lot of experience (presumptively anyway), get a good feel for one then try to ease your way in on the other.

In a business-to-consumer or individual model, you and your business will sell straight to the end resulting customer. So, let’s say you were selling a subscription of some sort. Every subscription that would be bought by one individual would be used by that one individual only. Business-to-consumer is definitely the most abundant and typical model for smaller and ecommerce businesses that are just starting up and getting their foot in the door of a successful entrepreneurial path.

In a business-to-other-kinds-of-business model, you would be selling to other businesses instead of just individual people. Every business-related customer will have to get an authorized decision approved by the company to be able to buy goods or services from your business. When you sell to other businesses, specially government bodies and organizations of a nonprofit nature, you may face challenges that are not so common when selling to individual people.

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