The online market is steadily taking over the modern business world, which has impacted retail stores at some point, especially due to the covid 19 pandemic. The year 2020 ended with a 3% decline in retail store sales which can be attributed to the social distancing measures and temporary closure of physical stores. But no matter what, people will never stop visiting physical retail stores, and it remains the favorite cardio for many consumers.

As a physical retailer, it is upon you to provide better customer experiences and give people a reason to always come back. Thankfully, there is a new way of engaging customers through digital signage, and here are some ideas.

Display user-generated content to engage customers

One of the ways to establish customer trust, boost your social media presence, boost conversion and make customers more loyal is to display user-generated content on a screen in your retail store. Gather engaging user-generated content and showcase how much customers love your brand. For instance, you can display videos of them using your products or appreciating your products. that shows how much you have space to accommodate your customers and how their views are paramount to your brand.

Attract customers with sales and offers

Retail stores are a hardcopy to showcase ongoing offers and sales, but they not be as effective. You can use digital signage to captivate customers with deals and offers announcements, which can attract passers-by to get into your store and make impulse purchases. A screen is more captivating than posters and can even keep your customers engaged for prolonged periods. With user-friendly digital signage software like, you only have to update your brochure, and it automatically updates all your digital signages no matter where they are positioned.

Display customer reviews

Customer reviews are important in influencing buying decisions. So what better than using your digital signage to showcase customer reviews? Many customers always ask to see customer reviews or rush online to check before buying a product as they act as a reliable source when they want to know whether to trust a brand or not. You can gather all your customer reviews from sites like google and yelp and display them on the digital signage in your retail store. That will inform many purchase decisions and make new customers feel more confident in trying your products.

Display product descriptions

Use the digital signage in your retail store to display product information. Instead of customers having to call salespeople to help them find what they are looking for, they can always read the product information on the display and even find alternatives to other brands they are used to. You can also display upcoming products and offer chances for prebooking.

Share your brand story.

Another way to use digital signage in your retail store is to boost brand awareness by sharing your brand story. While at it, make customers aware of your online presence on social media. You can also engage a recognizable influencer to share the story and make it as beautiful as possible. That way, you get to boost your brand awareness.

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