Besides health, an individual’s financial lifestyle is perhaps one of the biggest elements that persons highly value. People often make financial mistakes, most of which can be traced as far back as failure to adequately and appropriately budget for their income. The first step to living a financially healthy lifestyle is to take control of your finances, a step that starts with obtaining financial discipline regarding what you should accomplish with your monthly or periodic income. As a Christian, the Bible teaches certain ways in which you should spend your money, failure to which, as per the teachings of the Bible, you may be liable for some punitive measures.

Paying Due Tithes

The first thing you should do with your salary or income, according to biblical teachings, is to pay your tithe. Tithe is mandated upon a Christian as part of God’s instruction upon humanity. As an instruction, God expects every good Christian to pay the tithe that normally goes to the church through the lead pastor. The biblical standard rate for tithing is usually 10% of the gross salary upon which God promises certain blessings, including protection of the individual and their finances from spiritual attacks. Some theological teachings attribute payment of tithe has a way of partnering with God in our material blessings.

Catering for Personal Needs

The second essential step that one should take involves catering for their basic personal needs as well as the needs of their families. God has promised us in the Bible that we should not be worried about what we eat, drink, or wear. In fulfillment of this promise, God blesses us materially with money with which he expects us to cater for our basic needs. Utilizing our money responsibly in meeting all our needs is, therefore, a sign of good stewardship. When it comes to caring for our families, He expects us to support our parents and guardians as an obligation.

Acts of Philanthropy

The third essential step that you, as Christian, should take when spending your money is giving for philanthropy. Philanthropy is expected of every Christian as God attributes giving to the poor as a way of lending him. Considering the biblical instructions that God has issued regarding how such philanthropic acts should be conducted, one should always identify the needy persons such as orphans and widows and give them material items such as food, clothing, shelter, as well as money to cater for personal needs. Philanthropy can also be extended by offering to sponsor needy orphaned children to go to school.

Saving for Future Use

The last important step that a good Christian should always have in mind when budgeting and spending their money involves dedicating a portion of their income towards saving. According to the Bible, God advocates for persons to live a good heritage for their children. Such heritage is only possible if an individual dedicates a portion of their money towards investments or savings. Economic principles support this ideology as the savings can be utilized to support one’s life during harsh economic times when the regular salary or income is cut off.

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