If you have a company that requires dispatching technicians to various sites for work, you could probably use an advanced crew scheduler. Tracking several technicians while managing services calls can get tough when there are more than one call per tech each day. Using software to schedule your crews helps by allowing print on demand invoices, GPS routing, and route management.

Print On Demand Invoices

Providing customers an instant invoice after work is completed is a great selling point for your company. The salesman can promise a task for a price and immediately hold true to that amount. Having an invoice printed way ahead of the due date allows customers to properly plan to send in their payment. If the invoice is itemized, it works even better because the technician can help the customer understand the services and charges they were just billed for. A technician may not be able to explain things relating to the details of the customer’s contract, but they will be able to explain the actual work that was done. They can then direct the customer to the appropriate sales or customer service office number where they can learn more about their contracted services.

GPS Routing

Imagine if your technicians could respond to a service call within the hour. If you use software to schedule your crew you will know where they plan to be for the day and you can reroute them if you need to. With GPS routing you can also get technicians to their next client much sooner by allowing the software to pick the best route to get to the new location. Sometimes there are accidents on the highway or road closures. A GPS will be able to pick those things up before the technician goes in that direction. The software can then give them an alternate route to take. Office managers can also log in and see where their technicians are and call them if a particular job seems to be taking longer than expected. They can also track that technician to let the customer know that their service will take place in a certain window of time.

Route Management

All businesses want more customers. As sales continue to pick up, you will need to assign technicians to the jobs. You can manage your technicians and make your company run more efficiently by assigning clients to technicians who are already working in the area. If you see any irregularities you can also reassign a technician to a new area to help things run more seamlessly. Day to day operations can be much better with crew scheduling software.

Using software to schedule your crew can allow the office staff to spend more time on invoices and service calls. You will need inventory ordered and maintenance on the company vehicles. Your business operations as a whole will be more efficient if you have a system in place that allows you to provide great customer service and a smooth workflow. Using software for crew scheduling helps with print on demand invoices, GPS routing, and route management.

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