We all get problems form our routers every other day, but what we often forget is the fact that the router is not always problematic. Many a times, the problem is in the receiver of the signals at the device end. This problem occurs due to the fact that the devices often cannot find the signal coming from the router, especially if there some interrupting signals in the air. The solution to this particular problem is given by Google and it is named Google Wi-Fi.

Google Wi-Fi is a device that works on the principle of mesh of networks, so that the signal it transmits is not a single entity, rather a whole blanket of the signals is spread in the air above and around the decide, from where the other devices can easily catch them, without having to search them too much. So the google Wi-Fi device does not pick the fastest signal, rather it spreads a blanket of signals coming from several devices to make a uniform distribution of high quality signals that are strong as well.

The google Wi-Fi device is used for the larger homes and offices because of the mesh router thing it offers, however, it can be used effectively in the smaller areas and homes as well. It is a very simple device that could be configured easily without you having to worry about the setup and other such problems. Then there are a lot of apps as well that you can download to your smart devices and use them for monitoring the device no matter how far you are from it. You can check the status of the system from afar with this device, as well as you can manage the working and diagnose the network problems occurring in this. So you can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted internet all day long without having to worry about the loss of signals or weak signals.

Another goo d thing about this device is the incredibly small size that helps it get fixed everywhere. It is just the size of a coffee mug so you can put it around anywhere and enjoy the mesh of signals. It is a presentable piece as well with no wires running around unlike other routers. You can get the google WiFi au meilleur prix very easily, either online or some gadget store.

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