What is a Fuel Flow Transducer in Aircraft?

Gas move transducers got here for use in plane across the early 70s. Vibration of an plane engine. It additionally needed to meet the vital FAA regulation relating to blocked rotor stress drop which couldn’t be greater than 1.5 occasions the spinning rotor stress drop. Gas could be measured through a standard rotor-based measurement system or, through the extra fashionable transducer – a digital-technology based mostly system. The benefit of this new know-how gasoline measurement system is that, it’s impervious to pressures and subsequently the information is extra correct. The gasoline transducer works upon a vane RPM Sensor that’s often positioned behind the filter and works together with the manifold air stress (MAP). The transducer produces a current-pulse sign from an opto-electronic pickup that is fitted with a preamp. The sign amplification allows it to measure gasoline that’s as little as zero.three gal/hour and this makes it extra correct than the standard gasoline measuring programs.

Here is how the Gas Transducer works: The gasoline enters the move chamber inside the gasoline move transducer and begins transferring alongside a helical path. That is to vent out any vapour bubble that could be current within the gasoline and end in unsuitable studying. The rotational velocity of the liquid is straight proportional to move charge. A neutrally buoyant rotor spins with the liquid between V-jewel bearings. Rotor motion is sensed when notches within the rotor interrupt an infrared gentle beam between an LED and phototransistor. Usually, the move transducer operates on 12 to 15V consuming simply 30 to 50 mA. The crimson wire is +V energy, black is floor and the white wire is sign. Though it comprises digital know-how, the transducer can function at temperatures between -55°C to 70°C. If in case you have a IO-540 300 HP engine with electrical and engine pushed pumps, the move transducer needs to be positioned downstream of the engine pump and earlier than the servo. Additionally, if in case you have a Rotax 100 ULS (twin carbs), the transducer must be plumbed in simply earlier than the pump – you do not want a second move transducer. When utilizing a gasoline scanner, please use solely advisable transducers – these are listed within the scanner guide. For e.g. in case your scanner is manufactured by JPI use solely JPI transducers. Though move transducers work the identical, there are minor inside variations and these will match the scanners they’re purported to be paired with. So, utilizing move transducer from a unique producer can lead to inaccurate Plane Move Devices studying.

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