Documentation Management Systems are reliable virtual filing cabinets for all data surrounding any business. In a world turning more virtual every year, the ease and access of DMS technology supersedes common paper records. With the advent of cloud technology, the benefits go even further, as complete digitization of data can now stream anywhere. For businesses on the go complete online documentation offers the fluidity and convenience necessary for modern operations. Being able to pull up a complete database for all company records in the middle of a restaurant, or conference is beneficial enough. Smartphone technology goes even further by allowing paper records to be scanned and uploaded into DMS software at any time anywhere. These are only a few of the advantages DMS software holds.


Metadata is vital for keeping records. The data attached to every document time stamps it, as well as associates it with the user who created it. Very essential for record keeping, and vital for extraction as well. Using metadata can make document searches easy, allowing an ease of access to all employees and executives.


The ability for DMS software to function with other various forms of software is a great benefit. Cloud-hosted DMS allows such integration to spread to mobile devices. This means the complete list of business files can be pulled up on smartphones as well as tablets. This also means that both Mac, Windows, and even Android run systems can be used to scan, create, download, and extract data.


This part of DMS software allows the transference of uncompleted documents between team members or executives. It allows more than one person to work on said document, allowing for easy and efficient collaborative work. Perfect for checks and balances as the documents can be proofread, amended, edited, and added to. Collaboration can also be used in real time so that several employees can be working together at once, each viewing and editing the document right there.

Storage and Security

Two of the best advantages of DMS software come in the form of document storage and security. Many companies including Lucion Technologies have remarked on the convenience of gathering digital and paper documents all in one place. This allows access to everything with the click of a button on the screen of a computer. No hunting or searching through bookshelves. The security provided keeps document safe, ensuring that no outside source can pirate data.


Cloud-hosting is the virtual form of DMS and it is very beneficial. It opens up document availability to anywhere, allows various forms of mobile access, and backs up all data on the internet. This takes away any danger of such data being permanently lost. Although this puts the business in the hands of whatever provider they choose, the freedom of use is too good to pass up. No more relegation to office-connected hardware. If someone needs a file they can access it wherever they are. Perfect for business meetings and conferences.

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