Veteran investors understand that dreading a down-market should not be an option. Actually, long-term investors should celebrate it even tough in today’s overly competitive market, figuring out where to invest can be a difficult task.

The continued popularity of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (RAAI) present numerous investment opportunities. While these innovations may sound fictitious, they are 100% actual and will continue to stimulate a unique disruption in various industries such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and agriculture in the future.

Investors will not only have to prepare for these innovations, but they will need to have a clear understanding of the companies behind these sensational changes. Only then, will they be able to create a future-compliant portfolio for their businesses. Below are some of the powerful innovations to beware of in 2019.

·       Extensive Artificial Intelligence adoption will Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

Players in the medical industry are fast realizing the actual benefits of artificial intelligence when it comes to healthcare. Machine learning, for instance, is already assisting doctors to view and evaluate patient scans which enables smart decision making. 3D printing then correlates medical gadgets to the precise patient specifications.

Genome sequencing is the process of defining the exhaustive DNA series of a living thing’s genome at once. Here, genomic sequencing helps physicians to determine and medicate diseases early in advance. Industrial robot arm assisted surgeries are enhancing surgical effects and minimizing healthcare expenses. The healthcare industry is now set for change and robotic, automation, and artificial intelligence is ready to deliver.

·       Implementation of Commercial Drones

Today, many people still view drones as high technology gadgets. However, drone technology has recently advanced transforming drones into a powerful tool that is rapidly disrupting various industries such as delivery, construction, and agriculture.

New innovations in drone-related concepts such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) are easing the implementation of these advancements.

·       Increased Human and Robot Collaboration

Collaborative robots are specially designed to assist humans in various environments. Installing them is easy and they are more affordable than conventional industrial robots. These characteristics create an opportunity for both small and middle-sized businesses to expedite their supply chains in order to compete with already established organizations.

Collaborative robots create a safer, faster, and cheaper working environment. Businesses, therefore, consider adopting them.

·       Fast Adoption of AI and Robotics will Determine Business Success

Stories about some companies that failed for not adopting advanced robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence technology are been told often.

As artificial intelligence and robotics advances, business success will be determined by how fast entrepreneurs develop their business models and processes in preparation for the latest innovations.

Those who are either unable or reluctant to adopt these changes will be risking failure.

·       Autonomous Vehicles will Convey Level 4 Autonomy

Level 5 autonomy is designed for capabilities that function in all environments consistently. However, research on how to implement it fully is still undergoing. Level 4 autonomy, on the other hand, is designed for self-driving vehicles that function in specific areas, at certain times.

This is currently in operation within limited situations which means that autonomous vehicles will soon be used in different geo-constrained areas such as closed campuses, airports, and retirement communities.

The full implementation of level 4 autonomy will set the foundation for a wider adoption and deployment of technology as the world prepares for level 5 autonomy.

·       Fear of Future Robot Depletion

Of course, some skeptics opine that robots will probably take over the world. Robotic, automation and artificial intelligence technologies, however, are becoming more apparent in day to day lives and their benefits will override unidentified fear.

In both non-virtual and virtual realities, artificial intelligence and robots are years away from achieving an intimidating intelligence level.


In the next decade or two, the advancements being experienced now will be viewed as baby steps compared to what automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence will be capable of distributing and achieving in future. Veteran investors who are conversant with this reality now understand why seizing the opportunity now is critical.

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