When you find yourself creating a bot, or when you are designing any kind of software for that matter, there are many different things to consider for an enterprise in difference to a smaller business. While both of the enterprise and the smaller business will be going for making the greatest potential bot with the resources available and within the given time frame available, the enterprise will have many more issues and vulnerabilities to keep in mind and thought at all times.

One of the foremost things to keep in mind when constructing an enterprise bot, like botpress.io/enterprise/, is security. While a business of a smaller nature needs to be keeping this in mind as well about security and must all take the right pre-cautious steps and also have a security policy put in to place, an enterprise bot will have much more on the lines than said smaller business bot. The costs and tolls of a security infiltration in an enterprise bot can and usually are much more than the smaller business counterpart in both financial terms and also brand terms. The data that is acquainted with a large enterprise is going to easily be much higher of a target for hackers than a smaller company, although they will go after smaller companies as well knowing that they may focus a lot less time on their security vulnerabilities than an enterprise-based bot will.

The second thing to keep in mind when focusing on an enterprise based bot is brand. Any and every solution that is set out by an enterprise that performs not so greatly has the likeliness to affect the brand negatively. This is of particular truth to an enterprise because an enterprise is a much larger profile of a company with minimum quality standards in the eyes of the consumer. Any and every misstep can lead to unwanted and negative publicity. This is even a larger and increasing risk when it comes to AI (artificial intelligence).

The third thing to keep in mind is scale. An enterprise will always own a large customer base and will therefore need to integrate clever solutions that can scale quality in a rational way to the requisite level of interactions. The amount of tethered mobile devices and the capabilities to escape from social media platforms makes performance and quality an upmost concern.

The fourth thing to bear in mind is the non-simplicity of systems and groups. Businesses of a smaller nature will oftentimes have one individual or a single group integrating a newer based technology. A larger enterprise, on the contrary, will oftentimes have more than one stakeholder that is intertwined in the releasing of a newer product or service and multiple groups that are actively working towards and on the integration. So also, the additional systems are more non-simplistic, specifically when they are requiring learning of machines, so then the negatively impacting of bad software and bot design picks are most than likely to be of a higher level for an enterprise than a business of a smaller nature. Seemingly the non-simplicity of an enterprise bot system will surprisingly create a chance to build a tech support chatbot to assist people or help groups obtain success.

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