Data deletion is one of the most misunderstood computer details. Most people believe that once they have pressed the delete option and cleared the recycle, then their data is all gone. They believe that no other person can access the information once it is past the recycle bin. So many people have never been so wrong. When you clear the recycle bin, you only create space for new additional files. Using the right systems, anyone can restore your data.

The possibility of access to deleted files calls for the need for secure deletion.

Ways to Securely Delete Files Permanently

Now that you understand the need for permanent data deletion, you also need some of the ways to use when erasing data. The first data deletion method to consider is the partition formatting. Unlike the regular deletion that keeps files on the recycle bin, formatting files do not have any depository for the deleted data. It, therefore, has to do away with the files completely. Remember to use the “perform a quick format” instead of the “format partition” option when clearing the partition.

For those who don’t wish to use third-party tools, the other option to delete your files is through the command prompt. The command prompt allows you to clear the data as an administrator.

Even though these options allow you to delete files permanently, there are still chances of data retention. Mostly due to wrong completion or use of power data retention tools. That is where the data erasure software comes in. Data erasure software is the most secure data erasing system. The software undergoes regulatory compliance procedures that ensure that they don’t keep any data. Besides, they are ecofriendly compared to physically destroying the gadgets.

How to Choose a Data Deletion Software

The need for secure data deletion has seen an upsurge in the data deletion software in the market today. Choosing the best one for your system takes time if you are not sure of the features to consider. The main factor to consider when selecting the data deletion software is certification. The certification is proof that the software meets all the regulatory safety standards. The certification also means that it achieves data sanitization.

Another factor to consider is the compatibility of the software with your system. Look for a software that is easy to interact with your data and the other earlier installed software. The cost-effectiveness of the software is also essential. Look for a data deletion software that is affordable and allows for repeated use.

The other important feature to consider is the terms of use. Before you use a data deletion software, ensure you read the terms and conditions. It helps you ascertain the data deletion strategy and that it doesn’t keep any of the deleted data.

Bottom Line

The need for secure data deletion is at an all-time high. You are never too sure who might access your data and the repercussions. Even if there are several data deletion methods, data deletion software is the foolproof method to deleted data security.

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